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By: Ashley Wyman

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January 24th, 2018

The Best Travel Hacks & Travel Tips

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Are you looking to travel more in 2018? Well, you’re not alone. Many people have ‘travelling more’ as one of their new year’s resolutions. This makes perfect sense, as there are few experiences that are as fun and enriching as travelling. It is an experience like no other, but there can be some troubles with travelling. To help you avoid as many as these troubles as possible, I’ve gathered my best travel hacks and I’m going to share them with you. Some of these hacks will make travelling more fun for you, others will save you money and some will save you time.

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Price alerts

When you’re travelling a lot it is smart to book flights when they are the cheapest, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. When searching for flight tickets it is often possible to set price alerts, this way you will know when the prices for a certain flight drop. It’s an incredibly easy way to save some money!

You don’t have to stay in a hotel

Many people automatically look for a hotel when they are travelling somewhere, but opting for an Airbnb can bring some benefits. Firstly, it can be a lot cheaper if that’s what you want. On top of this, it is mostly a lot more fun, as you’ll be able to interact with the local community a lot better when you’re living in the same place as them. This is ideal when you’re travelling to explore a city or country, staying in an Airbnb will make this a hundred times easier

Sometimes you need to book 2 one-way flights

You may think that it’s the easiest to book a round-trip flight, but that might not be the case. Sometimes it works better to book 2 one-way flights. This can save you money and it could even turn out to be a more convenient flight. So, it’s best to always check both options and decide which one is the best.

Free stopovers

Do you want to get more bang for your buck, then it might be nice to take advantage of free stopovers. Some airlines offer stopover programs that can let you stay in a country for multiple days without any additional cost. This can be a great opportunity if you want to visit two places on one trip without paying too much. 



Rolling your clothes instead of folding

The chances are big that you’ve heard about this hack before, but I couldn’t leave it out. Rolling your clothes will save you a lot of space. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. This way you can take a smaller suitcase with you, which isn’t just handier but might also save you money.

Have a scanned copy of your passport, ID card and itinerary

The worst way to start or end a trip is by losing your passport or id card, it’s simply awful. To avoid a situation where you can’t go home, or you can’t even embark on your travel, it’s smart to scan your passport, id and itinerary. Then you can save these scans on your phone, to always have them on hand. Just make sure not to lose your phone.

The fanny pack

No, fanny packs are not stylish, but they are incredibly handy when travelling. You have all your valuables right on hand and they are safe as well. You don’t have to dig deep into your backpack when you need your passport but also you don’t have to keep it in your jeans where it can be taken any moment.

fanny pack.jpg

Check in before you arrive at the airport

Most of us understand how big of a hassle it can be to have to check in when you arrive at the airport. You have to deal with long lines while dragging along all your baggage. Often it’s possible to check in way ahead of time through the website or the app of the airline. It’s quick, no lines and when you’re at the airport you can go straight to security.

Book your connections on the same itinerary

Earlier I mentioned that it might help when you book 2 one-way tickets instead of a round trip, but what if you need 2 flights to get you to your final destination? Small delays happen! At Flightbucks I see people miss their connections all the time. If this causes you to arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours after your scheduled arrival, you may qualify for cash compensation from the airline when traveling to and from Europe, but only when both flights were on the same itinerary.

compensation for delayed flight

 Freeze your water bottle

You are not allowed to bring a bottle of water through customs but you can when you freeze the water. With this hack, you won’t have to buy expensive water bottles on the plane when you get thirsty sibce you have your own water with you at all times.

Get currency from ATM’s

You may want to get the currency through money converters but this will cost you more money than simply hitting up an ATM. Money converters will charge fees and often the exchange isn’t completely fair as well. An ATM will always provide you with local currency while you use your debit card or credit card.

Hit the supermarket

When travelling it can be tempting to eat out all the time and buy expensive snacks along the way, which is great, but not so much if you want to travel on a budget. It can be a better idea to visit the supermarket and get some basics to get through the day. You could even buy enough food for cooking if you have an Airbnb where this is possible.

Bring the flight attendants a gift

It doesn’t have to be anything big, but gifting your flight attendants some candy from your home country can put them in a great mood for the rest of the flight. By doing so you will enjoy your flight a lot more as the crew of the plane will be a lot happier.


Yelp will save the day

Yelp is ideal for discovering the area where you’re going. Yelp will help you find more than just the tourist cramped spots that guidebooks can offer you. Yelp will help you find places off the beaten path that are a lot more fun to discover than just another tourist hotspot.

Eat the local cuisine

Eating local cuisine isn’t just to discover the local culture but can also save you money. Simple local food is a lot cheaper than fancy restaurants. And of course, you will learn a lot more about a country through eating the way that they do. All in all, it’s a hundred times better than going to McDonald’s.

Using these travel hacks will surely help you when you embark on your travel adventures. They can make travelling easier, cheaper and a lot more fun. These travel hacks will help you plan your travels, have a smooth flight and enjoy your stay. I would definitely keep some in mind for all your upcoming travel if I were you.

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