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By: Joanna Medina

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February 8th, 2018

Best Cuisines in Europe That Will Leave You Craving More!

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Food is close to many people’s hearts around the globe, and that’s because food can really have an impact on your overall mood. Surely you can think of a time when a certain dish has put a huge smile back on your face, right? Hence why you often hear the term ‘comfort food’. Now, there is a vast array of different cuisines throughout the world, and there’s no faulting any of them. 

Since Europe is comprised of many different countries, there are obviously more cuisines to offer. It is also no surprise that Europe is home to some of the best of them!  Just like we need travel tips, everyone needs travel guide to Europe cuisines and I can’t wait to give you an insight on some of them.


Food isn’t all about stuffing your face and tasting the delightful flavors, it’s about the socializing that accompanies it. You can go out with a large group of friends, or your whole family, and have plenty of laughter while sitting around the table. Moreover, when it comes to Europe, accessing these fantastic cuisines has never been easier. You can acquire cheap flights and cheap places to stay if you scan the market by using comparison sites.

Anyway, here are some cuisines that you NEED to try if you’re traveling around Europe:



Fish & Chips

Arguably the most popular dish within the English cuisine is fish & chips. In most regions around the country, it’s a tradition to get ‘chippy’ on a Friday night; all it is, is battered cod which has been deep fried, and chunky potato chips with a generous helping of salt & vinegar.



Full English Breakfast

As the name suggests, this one originates from England. Either whip one up in your own kitchen, or visit a local café, and look into a full English breakfast. You’ll have a plate full of sausages, bacon, fried egg, beans, fried bread, hash browns and mushrooms. Although you can add some extras such as black pudding. Oh, and try adding some brown sauce!


Roast Dinner

A roast dinner exists on many menus around Europe, but the English version utilizes some unique twists. For a start, it uses locally sourced British beef (any meat can be used), sage & onion stuffing, and Yorkshire puddings. Top it off with some delicious gravy, and you’ve got yourself a hearty meal.


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Pizza is one of those dishes that is adored all across the globe – you’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a fresh pizza! But if you have it made by a traditional Italian chef in an Italian restaurant, you’ll truly appreciate how good pizza is. Choose your base, choose your toppings, and eat away.




Pasta is a very broad term within the Italian cuisine, and that’s because there are so many dishes which utilizes the ingredient. You could have spaghetti Bolognese, which is predominantly minced beef with a tomato-based sauce. Alternatively, you may enjoy a lasagne, which is sheets of pasta, white sauce, cheese, and a minced beef filling.



This one comes from the depths of northern Italy, and it’s a rice-based dish which has been cooked slowly in a broth to create a creamy dish. Now, this dish is extremely flexible, meaning you can choose whichever sauce you like, and any ingredients you wish.  



Coq Au Vin

Essentially, a French coq au vin is a chicken casserole, which is brewed for hours to obtain a deep flavor. Typically, the chicken will be braised with a gorgeous local wine, mushrooms, garlic, stock, and lardons. This may be enjoyed more in the winter time!


If you’re a vegetarian (you don’t need to be a vegetarian!), then you’ll absolutely love this dish! If you head to Nice, this is where you’ll find the most authentic ratatouille, and it’s just a vegetable stew which has been packed with plenty of vibrant flavors.


Up until now, I’ve covered breakfast, starter and main dishes, but I couldn’t neglect desserts! If you’re in France, then you’ll be blessed with the opportunity to try beautiful crepes, which are a type of pancake. They’re extremely thin, and have been fried, and you can accompany them with lemon juice, ice cream, sugar, melted chocolate – literally anything!







Spanish cuisine is well known for it’s seafood, and chefs generally only like to use the freshest that they can find at a local market. It’s cooked in a shallow pan, and includes white rice, a plethora of spices, saffron, vegetables, a variety of meats, and then topped with fresh seafood.

Tortilla Espanola

If you think that you’ve never heard of a tortilla Espanola, then think again, because it’s also referred to as an omelette. Tortilla Espanolas are very versatile, but their base ingredients are egg and potatoes; you could eat them at any time of the day and use whatever ingredients you like, such as onion, peppers, and bacon.



These started out as complimentary items and were served alongside a drink at a special event. But, now there are tapas bars, where they specialize in serving the flavorsome appetizer. Either try them cold, with sticks of olives or cheese, or hot, with sticks of fried squid or chopitos.




Pretzels is one of those that you could snack on for ages – you could easily label them as moreish! They’re just a type of bread, which has been bent into a twisted shape. The most basic ones are salted, but they really do contain some serious flavor


What’s not to love about schnitzels? It’s just a portion of meat – most commonly pork – and is pounded so it’s flat so that the end product is tender and succulent. It’s then deep fried in oil, and served either on its own, or as a burger.


Believe it or not, but this dish is one of the most popular throughout the whole of Germany, despite it being just a side. It’s shredded cabbage which has been fermented in a special type of bacteria. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, because it will truly cause eruptions amongst your taste buds!

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