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By: James Larounis

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July 19th, 2018

How to Decide if it is Worth it to Upgrade Your Next Flight

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Flying is not only one of the best traveling decisions you will ever make (hey, you get to see the world!) but also, worth the money and the memories, more so, when traveling on an upgraded seat. To say that comfort is the reason for upgrading would be too mild a statement. Suppose it is your first time on a flight you may require assistance selecting the best seat. If you are a regular airline passenger, you may want to upgrade your seat for better service and a more comfortable flight compared to the standard economy class. Before you decide to go for an upgrade, you may want to consider a few factors. Here are some helpful tips to assist you to determine whether the seat upgrade that you choose is worth your money.

Consider Bidding

The flight I booked was the only one to Nice for the day I needed, with the departure being at a surprisingly convenient 8:00 PM. When I booked my flights the price was fairly reasonable, hovering in the around 100 EURO range, which I thought was quite worth it for a non-stop flight. Three options were presented for booking — a “basic” fare, a “plus” fare including hold luggage and a reserved seat and a “max” fare which included premium seating, additional hold luggage and priority boarding. I chose the “max” option since I wanted to secure a prime bulkhead row aisle seat. This only ended up costing me an additional 50 EURO which wasn’t bad overall.

Choose Last-Minute Upgrade Offers

Airlines tend to offer last-minute upgrades to fill up their empty seats, and the prices are usually incredible. Some airlines offer upgrades at the check-in kiosks or announce the offers at the gate. Instead of idling on your mobile phone before the flight, look around and see what the announcements have for you. Make sure you check emails and messages from your selected airline prior to your flight, as sometimes it is advertised there, too. The airlines thought process is to let people pay a reduced cost to fill the premium seat, vs letting the seat go empty. Choosing a better cabin is still possible even if you are a few hours away to your journey.

Make Good Use of Miles

Your miles can earn you an incredible luxury flight. Airlines do offer exquisite deals in exchange for miles. If you are not a regular passenger, exchanging miles for upgrades may be the best idea. The cost of using miles depends on the airline you’re flying.


Avoid Upgrades for Short Trips

Spending extra cash for short trips is not necessary. Though you may be able to afford the cost of a luxury seat, you can save the money for long trips where an upgrade is truly worth. You do not need to get too comfortable for trips that last only minutes to a few hours. You may need the extra cash for long trips, where you’ll find flat beds seats, multiple course meals, and larger entertainment options.

Upgrade Your Return Flight

It feels good to relax on your way home after tiring work meetings or vacations. Instead of spending extra cash on your way to the intended destination, save the money to pamper yourself on your way back. Lay back and enjoy a glass of champagne while thinking about the memorable moments you had during your time away from home. Luxury cabins are pricey, hence you may not afford a round-trip upgrade. However, you can choose to upgrade your seat either to your arrival location or on your way back. If you are not sure when to upgrade your seat, it may be a great idea to upgrade your return seat so you can extend your vacation by a few hours.


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James joined Flightbucks Team in 2018 as a consultant. He is passionate about the travel industry and shares great resources with his audience. He also travels quite a bit!

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