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By: Joanna Medina

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November 30th, 2017

Delayed flight with American Airlines? Expect Extra Cash.

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It is being widely reported that American Airlines flights may be without pilots this holiday season. Due to a scheduling glitch they currently do not have pilots scheduled to man their upcoming flights and are figuring out how to move forward with their bookings. There is a possibility that international American Airline flights will be affected, flights may be cancelled or delayed because of their scheduling oversight. American Airlines is saying they don’t expect any cancellations, however, at the best of times on time flights are not a guarantee and this situation is exactly why you need to know your rights. American Airlines delays may mean extra cash for you!

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Everyday we track cancelled and delayed flight to, through, and from Europe, Turkey, and Israel so we know it happens across every airline. Outside of unforeseen circumstances that cause flight disruptions, it is a EU law that Airlines be held accountable for prolonged flight delays or cancellations by providing cash compensation to travelers affected.  


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traveler’s time is valuable and airlines have a duty and a legal obligation when it comes to European flights to maintain flight schedules agreed to at bookings. If you are affected by the American Airlines oversight or any other international flight delay or cancellation we can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation and represent your claim with all of the necessary information.


About Joanna Medina

Born and raised in San Diego, California. I am a writer, dreamer, traveler and all around Truth seeker. I have a passion and desire to help others and truly enjoy seeing people thrive. I have been partnering with Flightbucks since January, 2016 to educate travelers about their rights and have the added perk of sharing travel insights through our blog.