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By: James Larounis

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August 17th, 2018

7 Ways to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

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Often called a "revenue-based model," travelers are now rewarded according to their spending and not how many miles they've traveled.

The incentive seems to be more geared towards the "elite" spenders. Additional miles are being awarded for those frequent customers who spend, spend, and spend more in various places besides their airline ticket.

How flyers benefit will be determined by the "type of traveler" they are. Those who travel American, Delta, and United normally get "5 frequent flyer miles for every dollar spent" according to Medium.com.. These miles earned are based from the amount of fares purchased for their flights, but several other components play a role, too.

1. More spent, more miles

If you don't expect to fly several times within 3 years, expect a slow return. The definition of the term revenue-based model is more spending on flights which means more miles to your account. REMEMBER: More spending = more miles.

2. Restaurants

Eating at restaurants is so inviting and filling isn't it? If you like eating, then you can enjoy your food, plus accumulate frequent-flyer points if you plan on flying with specific airlines (i.e. Delta, United Airlines, American...). Some of the best ways to enjoy them is by eating and dining out. Many Frequent-flyer plans are part of the dining program and it becomes a rewarding experience all-around. You charge the meal on the card at participating restaurants and points are earned. It naturally will be determined by what you spend on your card, therefore, again, the more you spend, the more points are earned.

3. Shopping portals

Shopping portals for frequent-flyer customers are available? It's true -- you can get tons of points on your account with these online portals. The online shopping portals are by participation-only, in most cases. Simply by landing on specific airline websites, it counts as a "click-point" and you earn points from your purchases. It's another 1 of 7 ways to earn frequent flyer points to your account.


4. Choose the right credit card

Credit card companies will reward loyal customers also. when you use their cards. Therefore, find out which ones co-brand with airlines, since they have the frequent flyer miles program as well. Using a rewards credit card for all of your purchases will help you in the long run, while you pay your monthly bill. When you see that your miles are being added to your frequent traveler account, you'll soon see the gratitude for your loyalty. The co-branded credit cards have to be affiliated with a particular airline and more general rewards cards that offer an assortment of awards, including airline miles. 

5. Fly long distance

Earning flying miles is still possible, but because of the name change it can be confusing. It’s now geared off of the cost of the ticket, vs the actual distance flown. If you go short distances, you may wish to get premium or first-class ticket to get more miles. If you go a longer distance, a coach ticket might be more expensive and will earn more.

6. Think about the joint-ventures

Those companies that are networking with airlines are internationally-owned or locally-owned. They are part of the frequent flyer programs. Find out which companies your airline you fly regularly fly on belong to (or co-partner with). Consumers can go to the airline's official website and see who and where they are. For instance, Star Alliance, One World, and SkyTeam are three companies that are part of such networking. They help you earn miles and redeem them as well!

7. Bonus sign-ups

Credit card companies will have a "sign-up bonus” for getting a particular card and while you do this, you earn "bonus miles." You'll ultimately rack-up the miles quickly this way. Although check the terms and conditions because that's is where it'll be written. That is the dollar amount you need to spend in order to get those bonuses. This doesn't mean that you have to sign up for twelve cards with these terms! One or two good cards with the sign-up bonus will be enough to benefit with the "revenue-based" programs.

Nevertheless, consumers have become confused on the definition of "revenue-based" programs because of "misleading" facts about the subject and information regarding them, according to David Feldman of Medium.com. All flight companies vary with their programs and their rewards so do your research with a variety, even if it means to drop one you may have been with for awhile that isn't rewarding you the way you like to be rewarded.

Finally, in summary, earning 100K points with one airline carrier will give you more rewards throughout the program than signing up for multiple and only having 10K with each. By monitoring those points on your account, especially if you have multiple accounts with several airline programs, you must not forget to stay active annually because an "inactive' status may very well be closed without you knowing.


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