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Flight delayed?
Get Paid!

We make sure you get money in case of denied boarding, delay or cancellation on flights to, from and within Europe as well as Israel and Turkey.

Why us?

Our mission is to educate. Our passion is to help.

As a team of travel and legal professionals with vast knowledge and many years of experience working with European Passenger Rights, we know what you're owed and we won't settle for less!


How does it work?

Check eligibility → Let us handle the claim → Get your money

You give us flight information, we do the work! Our team handles your claim from start to finish, including the paperwork and communications with the airline. There are ZERO up front costs.

"I thought me and my family could not claim any cash for the delay because the airline gave us a voucher at the airport. Not so! We got $1,400 with Flightbucks."

Received $1,400 Cash Back

"Glad to see a service utilizing a law FOR the consumer. I’ve been offered flight credits in the past, but nothing beats cold hard cash. I’ll definitely keep this in mind the next time I’m hopping around Europe."

Received $670 Cash Back

"You have provided a wonderful service and have been very professional throughout the entire process."

Received $500 Cash Back

"We received payment. Thank you on behalf of my wife and me for the excellent service."

Received $930 Cash Back

"These people really know what they are doing! Great customer service."


your rights

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